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The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: September 2015

5 Sep

Another instalment of 5 songs that we feel it is your duty to hear! This month Spotlight bears ripe and juicy fruits in the form of Mouses, Ellen Mae, The Moth Lantern, Nonbeliever and Pertini.

Read the Spotlight blog in full here and indulge in the playlist hither…

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: August 2015

5 Sep

What do all our August Spotlight tracks have in common? They’re all chuffin’ amazing, that’s what!! We welcome the superb talents of SEAWAVES, Danny Ladwa, Sun Tete Shoe Le Card, The Great Curve and NAKALA.

Read more here, listen below…

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: July 2015

5 Sep

Our July Spotlight blog was brimming with undeniably brilliant tunes spanning all manner of genres. Settle back & absorb yourself in music by Minute Taker, Haula, Aniseed Treats, Owen Duff and Odd Rival.

You can find out more about each of them in this ‘ere blog post and the playlist awaits your keen ears here, sir:

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: June 2015

24 Jun

Ready for a playlist to accompany your summer? Our June Spotlight track selection won’t disappoint! We’ve got STEVE, the latest signing to Guy Garvey and Jim Chancellor of Fiction Records exciting & intriguing new label venture, Snug Platters. PLUS fantastic tunes from Matt Grocott & The Shrives, Alexander, Silent Party and Ally Jowett. Read all about ’em here.

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: May 2015

31 May

It’s the final day of May and with this post I’ll have finally brought this blog up to date. Behold the May Spotlight blog full of amazing music from our Unsigned Guide members. A diverse mix of music including Influence, Winters Island, Delora, Schnarff Schnarff and Jamie Hamilton.

I suggest you find out more about each in the original blog here & press play below…

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: April 2015

26 May

Immerse yourself in some fantastic new & emerging music; our April Spotlight blog brought you Basheba, Monarks, Popobawa, Loud Mountains and Quentin.

Tune in & read more about each of our acts in the blog here.

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: March 2015

26 May

Another month, another Spotlight blog and another batch of mighty fine music for your aural delight. March 2015 saw us championing the talents of Dayas, Morain, Jungle Brown, Fur Cough and Alexandra Jayne.

Read the March Spotlight blog here.

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: February

19 May

February may be the shortest month but we sure made it count with dazzling tracks from our Unsigned Guide members Kubalove, Area 52, Deco, Narcsus Prye and Winter 1982. Read the blog here, listen below…

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: January 2015

19 May

We kicked off the new year in style with some proper tasty talent! The January Spotlight blog features audio delights from Flash Bang Band, Joe Ramsey, JOELPETER, Portrayal and Feed The Kid. Read all about em here.

The Unsigned Guide Spotlight: December 2014

17 May

We rounded up 2014 with some more killer tracks from our Unsigned Guide members – in this blog we feature the mighty Hora Douse, Lunar Rescue, The Assist, Helghyer and Filter Distortion.

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