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In The City…

26 Sep

If you’ve been a Manchester resident for a while now, then it’s more than likely that you’ll have heard of In The City; a wonderful excuse to soak up some of the best new music that the UK and the rest of the world has to offer as bands, artists, and music business professionals alike descend upon the city.

This October In The City is back for another installment of hotly-tipped gigs, enlightening and informative workshops, not to mention debate-sparking panels packed with clued-up keynote speakers to give you food for thought. However, this is not quite In The City as you know it…

Following a little bit of a shake-up since last year’s event, several changes have been made to the In The City format. Firstly, the festivities have moved across town to the Northern Quarter meaning you will never be more than a few minutes walk away from each venue , and therefore reducing any chance of missing out on the masses of great live music that’s in store.

The introduction of wristbands for the gigs and a more affordable pricing policy has made the event more accessible to the general public. And in terms of welcoming the music industry’s next generation of decision-makers there is now In The City Hive, a series of panels and workshops tailored specifically for the new kids on the music block, which will run alongside the normal business convention.

Panel Coordinator, Kevin Moore, explains the impetus for In The City Hive: ‘The motivation behind The Hive is to bring as many creative and enthusiastic young minds together as possible. In The City has always strived to educate and inspire all who attend, however I felt we weren’t doing our younger delegates justice. The future success of our industry will come from these guys and I didn’t think the main In The City Conference was the right platform for them…too much can be swept up in the furore. The Hive allows for these new, innovative ideas to be concentrated together and given the full attention they deserve…I feel we can make more happen that way.

Some of the highlights of In The City Hive include seminars covering the art of networking, music publishing, artist management, the music blogging revolution, and a guide to following the DIY route to success. In The City Hive costs just £60 for 2 days of insightful panels and practical workshops, plus all the gigs you can possibly squeeze in, so it goes without saying that it’s a must for anyone embarking on a career in music.

And now, most importantly, to the music itself! A strong line-up of carefully selected bands and artists really gives In The City something to shout about each year, and 2010 will be no exception.  On the agenda this October are a whole host of artists that truly highlight the vibrant and thriving music scene that the UK is home to right now. If you are looking to take in some of the acts flying the flag for Great Britain then my tips would be Monarchy, Andreya Triana, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Stricken City, Teeth, American Men, Films Of Colour, Spark, Let’s Buy Happiness, Frontiers, Lady Chann, Ital Tek, Futures, Worship, and ExLovers. I could go on…

Of course, there is no forgetting the wealth of talent that Manchester has to offer and the line-up takes into ample consideration some of the finest breakthrough acts that we’re fortunate enough to have on our doorstep. Some personal faves of mine include Young British Artists, Envy, Egyptian Hip-Hop, Slow Motion Shoes, Thallie, Seerauber Jenny, The Kill Van Kulls, I Am Blackbird, and Golden Glow.

It’s not just about homegrown music though. International acts will also get the chance to shine. Take the time to check out HEALTH, Oh No Ono, Team Ghost, Chiddy Bang, Ed Wood Jr, Simon Says No, and Lissi Dancefloor Disaster.

For full details of bands, panels, speakers and to purchase delegate passes or wristbands head to

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Radio Ga Ga

22 Sep

Yesterday I took my first step into what may prove to be an incredibly short-lived radio career! Having had no previous experience in the realms of radio or broadcasting of any kind, I was a little bit daunted at the prospect of presenting a slot on North Manchester FM, but at the same time extremely excited. Now, before any readers get too carried away, let me inform you that it is merely a 10-15 minute slot which will be aired once a fortnight on a Saturday, sometime between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. So, it is indeed a miniscule introduction to radio, but hey – you’ve got to start somewhere!

The purpose of my little on-air slot is to champion some of Manchester and the surrounding area’s finest unsigned talent. So, whilst I’m in the job of championing I thought I may as well give the bands and gigs featured on the slot an extra plug via this here blog!

Which brings me to The Switch; a band that make a refreshing change from some of the indie /rock / Madchester sound-a-like bands that can tend to dominate the city’s music scene. I stumbled across the band completely by accident at Kendal Calling back in August when I was drawn into the tent in which they were playing by their catchy and escalating electronic bleeps, complimented perfectly by soothing and sultry female vocals. Their music cured my hangover, invigorated me, and generally gave me the vigour I needed to get through the final day of a hectic festival weekend.

I urge you to listen for yourself to some of their tracks on MySpace and if you like what you hear, then you’ll be pleased to know that they rather conveniently have a gig coming up this Saturday at Sound Control.

So, all that remains for me this Saturday is to bite the bullet and listen back to my on-air debut. Hope you can all tune in too, but please be aware that my voice doesn’t really sound like that! At least, I don’t think so…

The Ill Communication

17 Sep

I have to say, hands down, the trickiest thing about setting up a blog is thinking of a name! It’s taken me the best part of a week, but this is what I have decided on, for better or for worse.

This blog will act as a little outlet for my opinions on those things I hold dearest; music, culture, art, photography, and everything else in between that puts a smile on my face.

I will endeavour to share with you as much as I can of the things I like…and try not to rant on too much about the things I don’t like!

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